CV / English / Cybersecurity Incident Handler

Alex Carter

Email: [email protected] Phone: (555) 123-4567 Address: 123 Cyber Lane, Security City, SY 45678

Dynamic and dedicated Cybersecurity Incident Handler with over 5 years of experience in identifying, investigating, and neutralizing a wide range of cybersecurity threats. Proven expertise in incident detection, response, and resolution, continuously striving to protect the integrity and confidentiality of information assets. Committed to staying ahead of the curve on emerging cyber threats and technologies.

  • Incident Response: Expert in managing the lifecycle of cybersecurity incidents from initial detection through to resolution.
  • Threat Analysis: Profound ability to analyze and interpret threats, leveraging intelligence to prevent future incidents.
  • Communication: Exceptional communication skills, capable of briefing technical and non-technical audiences on security threats and mitigation strategies.
  • Problem Solving: Strong problem-solving skills, adept at quickly identifying and rectifying security breaches and vulnerabilities.
  • Technologies: Proficient with SIEM tools, IDS/IPS, firewalls, and endpoint protection solutions.
  • Programming Languages: Familiar with Python and PowerShell for scripting and automation.
  • Certifications: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Incident Handler (GCIH), and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).

Cybersecurity Incident Handler | Tech Innovations Corp. May 2018 - Present - Detected and responded to over 500 cybersecurity incidents, significantly reducing potential data breaches. - Developed and implemented comprehensive incident response plans, enhancing organizational preparedness. - Led training sessions for staff on cybersecurity best practices, contributing to a 40% reduction in user-related incidents.

IT Security Analyst | SecureNet Solutions January 2016 - April 2018 - Monitored network traffic for suspicious activity using IDS/IPS, contributing to a 25% reduction in incident response time. - Assisted in forensic analysis and investigations, providing key insights for incident resolution. - Collaborated with cross-functional teams to update and maintain security policies and procedures.

Master of Science in Cybersecurity University of Technology Graduated: 2015

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science State College Graduated: 2013

Training: - Advanced Incident Handling - Network Forensics and Analysis - Cybersecurity Trends and Mitigation Strategies

Morgan Hayes, IT Security Manager Tech Innovations Corp. Email: [email protected] Phone: (555) 987-6543

Jamie Lee, Senior IT Analyst SecureNet Solutions Email: [email protected] Phone: (555) 654-3210