CV / English / Firmware Developer

Alex Mercer

Address: 145 Electronics Avenue, Tech City, TX 50014 Phone: +1 (555) 234-9876 Email: [email protected]


Innovative and result-oriented Firmware Developer with over 5 years of experience in designing, developing, and optimizing firmware for embedded systems. Specializes in bringing high-level efficiency and functionality to IoT devices, medical systems, and consumer electronics. Demonstrates strong problem-solving skills and a commitment to delivering quality and reliable firmware solutions.

Core Competencies

  • Firmware and Embedded Systems Design
  • IoT Solutions and Protocols
  • Real-time Operating Systems (RTOS)
  • Debugging and Issue Resolution
  • Code Optimization and Efficiency
  • Cross-functional Team Collaboration

Technologies and Certifications

  • Languages: C, C++, Assembly
  • Tools: GCC, Keil, IAR Embedded Workbench
  • Technologies: BLE, Wi-Fi, TCP/IP
  • Certifications: Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP), Certified Embedded Systems Professional (CESP)

Professional Experience

Lead Firmware Developer Tech Innovations Inc., Tech City, TX June 2018 - Present - Led a team of 5 in developing firmware for smart home devices, reducing energy consumption by 25%. - Implemented OTA firmware updating, improving device longevity and customer satisfaction. - Conducted rigorous debugging and testing, ensuring a 99% reliability rate for all products.

Firmware Engineer Dynamic Solutions LLC, Tech City, TX January 2016 - May 2018 - Developed firmware for a medical device project which received FDA approval within the first year of launch. - Optimized existing firmware, achieving a 20% improvement in code efficiency. - Collaborated closely with hardware teams to ensure seamless product integration.

Education and Training

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering University of Technology, Tech City, TX Graduated May 2015

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Tech College, Tech City, TX Graduated May 2013

Workshops and Seminars: - Advanced Debugging Techniques Workshop, 2017 - IoT Security Best Practices Seminar, 2019


Dr. Janet Fowler Professor of Electrical Engineering University of Technology, Tech City, TX Email: [email protected]

Mark Benson Senior Engineer Dynamic Solutions LLC, Tech City, TX Email: [email protected]