CV / English / Backend Developer

Person Information

  • Name: Alex Rivera
  • Address: 456 Technology Drive, Silicon Valley, CA, 90210
  • Phone: +1-555-123-4567
  • Email: [email protected]


A highly skilled and motivated backend developer with over 5 years of experience in designing, developing, and implementing applications and solutions using a range of technologies and programming languages. Seeking to leverage broad development experience and hands-on technical expertise in a challenging role as a Backend Developer.

Core Competencies

  • Proficient in backend development languages including Java, Python, and Node.js
  • Excellent understanding of database technologies such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB
  • Strong experience with RESTful API development and integration
  • Proficient in code versioning tools, including Git
  • Solid understanding of object-oriented programming
  • Familiarity with cloud services (AWS, Google Cloud Platform)
  • Agile/Scrum methodology

Technologies and Certifications

  • Languages: Java, Python, Node.js
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB
  • Frameworks/Libraries: Express.js, Django, Spring Boot
  • Tools/Platforms: Docker, Jenkins, Kubernetes, AWS
  • Certifications: AWS Certified Developer, Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 8 Programmer

Professional Experience

Backend Developer - Tech Solutions Inc.

June 2018 - Present

  • Led the development of a scalable web application, resulting in a 40% increase in customer engagement
  • Designed and implemented RESTful APIs, improving data retrieval times by 30%
  • Worked closely with the frontend team to integrate APIs with the user interface
  • Collaborated in a cross-functional team following Agile methodologies to prioritize and deliver features

Junior Backend Developer - Web Innovate

January 2016 - May 2018

  • Assisted in the development of backend systems using Java and Python
  • Contributed to the maintenance and enhancement of the company‚Äôs core product
  • Participated in code reviews and adhered to best coding practices
  • Supported database management and optimization tasks

Education and Training

  • Master of Science in Computer Science University of California, Berkeley, 2013 - 2015

  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology California State University, Fullerton, 2009 - 2013


Michael Thompson Senior Developer, Tech Solutions Inc. Email: [email protected] Phone: +1-555-987-6543

Jessica Lee Project Manager, Web Innovate Email: [email protected] Phone: +1-555-654-3210